Monday, January 7, 2013

Hyrop fetalis

Last week we received a sad news from one of hubster' colleague...she's 7months pregnant to her second son..but recently she found out that her baby is suffering from a condition called hydrop fetalis..

I read her blog post and cried soo bsdly...I can't imagine the challenges her family is facing at the moment...knowing that the baby you're carrying most likely will not survive the pregnancy or if he could then he will still be unable to survive for long...

The baby is still alive in her womb...still kicking and fighting for his life...all I can do is to pray for the family...may they have all the strengths they need to face this...and hopefully there'll be miracle...

Let us all pray for the best to the mummy and the baby...

Monday, February 20, 2012


berabuk dh blog ni..lama betul x post pape.
masa x mengizinkan and bila dh kawen ni rasa cm malas sgt nk menulis...mcm ada je benda yg rasa mcm kena buat (rasa jelah, buat tu belom tentu lagi) hehe..

sebenarnye, just nak share..last saturday i attended a public forum at Tropicana Medical Centre. the forum was about getting pregnant, fertility and treatments available for infertility. it was free and i had nothing much to do at that time. patutnye pegi skali ngan hubster, but last min he had to go to his office and prepare some documents which need to be handed over to clients for signing on that evening. so, i ended up attending it alone.

there was quite a crowd..mostly chinese, but 98% went with their partners which kinda make me feel a bit sad. But i understand, it was not a matter of choice for hubster at that moment, he had to go and finish his work.

there were three sections/parts of the forum. the first one was by Dr Hoo, a gynaecologist there. she talked about the Dos and Don'ts of pregnancy (before and during). there were a lot of interesting facts presented by her. but overall, she kept on reminding everyone to have fun while trying and don't do it just for the purpose of conceiving..have funn together and with each other (if you know what i mean) :)

next was Dr Navdeep, he is one of the gynae and fertility specialist there. he talked about the treatments/methods available for couples to conceive even if diagnosed with fertility problems. the IUI, IVF, etc. he made it easy to understand by showing some videos and was interesting to see how passionate he was when he explains to all. nampak la mcm dia sgt passionate about his work and sincere to help.

the last one was the head of the fertility centre there, Dr Surinder. he came in abit late because he was in the OT before that. see how dedicated they are. terus pegi bagi talk after OT. dah la talk free. he explained about the benefits of laparoscopy compared to other procedures. dia siap tunjuk real operation video lagi. kalau dia x explain, confirm semua x paham ape pon.

i like all the doctors who presented. they were soo helpful, especially after the sessions when semua org pon nk g tanya soalan. yelah, time rmai2 tu cm malu nk tanya, so semua nk g jpa personally. but they layan je semua org.

by the way, food and goodie bags were provided :)

after the forum ended, daz came to pick me up and we went back to his office. kene sambung buat keje lagi. while odw to dutamas, i decided to email one of the doctors and get their opinion regarding my thyroid condition. surprisingly the doctor replied with with advise which i honestly appreciate. i didn't event hink she would reply, but she did! i'm happy eventho the content of the email was not really what i was hoping to get..sometimes we wish for things which we know we will not get, but we kept on hoping..because maybe, just maybe...miracle could happen..who knows :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

1 year plus now..

we have been married for --> 1 year, 1 week and 5 days! :)

setaun lebih dah rasa mcm baru lagi kelam kabut prepare for the weeding..cepatnye masa berlalu..

Thursday, January 5, 2012


lately byk dgr news kawan2 preggy..happy nye dengar..i don't know why, pregnancy news are always sooo good to hear..x kisah la sape pon yg preggy tu, knal rapat ke, kenal sket2 je ke, or sekadar tau nama pon dah cukup buat rasa happy..tumpang gembira :)

and like any other married couple, we are also looking forward to our day..the day when we found out that we will be mummy and daddy :)

but towards the last month of 2011, i was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism..actually i've been suspected of having that since i was in secondary school. did all kind of tests but all came back normal. for years and years, with the help of my parents, family and also some close frens, i've seen countless doctors each with a different opinion on my medical condition..more than 10 years of searching..until that one day.

sebenarnye pegi jpa doctor sbb nk amek mc, was having diarrhea and headache..with hubster, alang2 dh jpa..saja tanya doctor klinik tu plak..because rasa mcm shivering kuat sgt and mcm menjadi2 plak my mind, i know dia mesti suspect thyroid like other doctors..and spot on! so as usual, buat blood test...and as usual jugak, darah x kuar lansung from one hand (that day it was my right hand), so try plak my left hand..berjaya kuarkan darah sufficient for the test...after that terus rasa nk pitam sbb bp low..

the next day, the clinic call to collect result..went there with hubster..dlm hati dok pk "ala, confirm x de pape jugak mcm slalu" x de doubt sket dgn confidentnye masuk jpa doctor..tunggu dia amek result jap, then dgn seriousnye dia kata "confirm thyroid ni"...rasa cm...DUSH!! sentap jap..mcm2 dlm otak time tu.."betul ke doktor ni?""nape dulu x pernah ada pon?"

bile dh bleh process sket, my first question (actually the first thing that came out from my mouth) was "will this affect my ability to conceive?" doktor tu dgn confidentnye jwab "YES" DUSH lagi skali!! nyesal x ajak hubster masuk skali..tu la yakin sgt! pastu dia sambung "nak pregnant x de masalah, but not advisable at this time because senang miscarriage"..tenang sket dgr jawapan tu..

so, dpt referal letter to see specialist for treatment..bila dh tau pasal thyroid ni, baru semua make sense..patut la x bleh gemuk, period irregular kdg2, heartbeat kdg2 cepat sgt mcm nervous/takut even bila time x de pape, and the most obvious sign - tgn shivering/trembling..not all the time la, but when it does, obvious sgt2..

bila g jpa specialist kt PCMC, dia bagi advise sama..not advisable to conceive now..dia suh undergo treatment dulu to surpress the level..bila dh ok sket, baru try..sbb kalau tak bukan affect baby je, will also be dangerous to the meds i', taking now is dangerous to baby/fetus...well, they know best right? so, we'll take the advise and go through the treatment first..hopefully everything will be fine..kebahagian tu sentiasa ada pada org yg bersabar kn? insyaallah...

honestly, kalau bukan sbb nak ada zuriat sendiri dgn hubster, i won't even bother to get treatment because i've been living in this condition all my life..but things are different now..i can't be selfish..i want to have a family with hubster, a family of our own.. :) hubster is being such a supportive husband, so caring..everyday remind mkn ubat.. i love u dazrin..always

lepas jpa specialist kt PCMC aritu, x puas ati sbnarnye sbb still mcm rasa nk caye x caye je pasal thyroid g TTMC, ckp nk reconfirm and do another buat test, result? sama je!! confirmed! hahaha...

next appointment, 20th we'll see whether there is any progress...doakan ye kawan2 .. :)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Symptoms of cervical cancer

i promised to list down cervical cancer symptoms many2 weeks ago, but i didn't managed to do so because of internet problem at home. apologize for that. anyway, as promised, below are the list of symptoms for reference.

the symptoms for cervical cancer may vary from one woman to another. some doesn't have any symptoms at all during the eraly stage. but most of the time, the symptoms often go unnoticed because woman would usually think it is a symptom for other ailment or thought it as PMS or ovulations pain. these symptoms will usually appear until the cancer is at a later stage.

the symptoms can be:

1. Abnormal vaginal bleeding
- it could be heavy or light bleeding during the month

2. Unusual heavy vaginal discharge which is not blood

3. Pelvic pain that is not related to normal menstrual cycle.
- it can be mild or severe

4. Pain during urination.
- bladder pain can be a symptom of advanced cervical cancer as it only occurs when
the cancer has spread to the bladder.

5. Bleeding between regular menstrual periods, after sexual intercourse, douching or pelvic examination.

it is better to go and see your doctor if you have any of the above symptoms, it may not be related to cervical cancer, but it is best to get a proper check then to just ignore it.

recently the Prime Minister has made a good announcement during the presentation of budget. now all we can all get free hpv vaccination to prevent cervical cancer. i'm not sure whether it is still effective for married woman or those who are sexually active, but i'm sure it won't do any harm to go and get vaccinated. right?


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Thin Prep Test

to those yang dah kawin, have u guys go for pap smear or thin prep test?

i am thinking of going for the test. ni test yg nak detect cervical cancer tu. to those yg x tau, cervical cancer can only occured to women who has had sexual intercourse. so, either u are married or is sexually active. reason being, because the HPV virus which cause cervical cancer is transferrable through intercourse. kalau yg x kawen lagi, pegi nak buat test tu pon dia xkn bagi, unless if you tell the nurse that you are sexually active.

selama hidup ni, x pernah lagi pergi buat test tu. b4 kawen dulu mmg x relevant lansung nk g test.. now since dah kawen, i think i should go for the test. according to the article which i read just now, to those who have been married, you should go and get tested within the first three years of marriage. after that, the test should be taken once every year so that senang doctor nak keep track and monitor if there is any abnormalities.

from my reading, baru tau yg almost every adult who had sexual intercourse will have the HPV infection at least once in their life. but normally, the infection will go away on its own. kalau dia x go away tu yg problem. so, that is why a normal routine test is required.

nak detect cervical cancer boleh through either pap smear or thin prep. most of the clinics or hospitals guna pap smear. but actually thin prep is more accurate. cuma since dia technology baru, x semua tempat guna that method.

i've checked quite a few hospitals, so far yg guna thin prep is Gleanegles. and they have the Woman Wellness Center yg mmg specifically for women. so dia nye package catered for woman gyne check up. the best thing is, it is not as expensive as other private hospitals that i've checked. i've been there once. checkup before kawen dulu. but time tu cuma bleh buat for basic gyne checkup je sbb x kawen lagi. so since they already have my record, probably i should go there.

eh, nak tau x symptom2 (eh, cane nk eja ni?) cervical cancer?
esok ek i buat list. for sharing :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

kisah makcik teksi

15hb September 2011 yg lepas, ktorg ada sambutan hari raya PETCO..buat kat senang la semua org nk g from office..event start kul 2.30..konon2 nak balik awal nak elak last2 kul 5.30 cmtu baru gerak from convec.

hujan punya la lebat time nak balik tu. pastu x dak teksi sbb jam..tgh2 tunggu mai la satu teksi biru. driver dia perempuan. dia dh amek sorang passenger, pastu dia panggil naik skali sbb passenger tu dekat ja and x dak teksi lain katanya..xpalah, naik jelah..ingtkn ok la sebab perempuan yg bawak.

the first passenger drop off dekat gile ngan klcc, tp sbb hujan lebat sgt, dia tpaksa naik teksi. x kisah pon sbb makcik tu start balik meter after org tu turun..dari situ dia g jlan tun razak..jam..confirm la kn?! pastu dia cm yakin sgt terus pusing g jalan ampang..dlm hati rasa cm nk marah dah..kalau tun razak yg x dak traffic light tu jam, confirm2 la jalan ampang tu lagi sesak..(jarang sgt jln ampang x jam time hujan ptg2). masuk je jalan ampang, jam lagi horror! setengah jam stuck in between klcc and avenue k..sakitnye hati sbb td tunggu teksi pon dekat situ je..sabar lagi..masuk jln yg depan maya tu, tgk meter dh rm20 lebih..dlm purse ada rm50 je..dlm hati dah risau..mati la kalu x cukup duit!!

sampai depan renaissance, meter dh sampai rm30..pastu instead of masuk jln sultan ismail yg jam boleh diterima tu, dia g terus..ikut sogo and jalan raja chulan katanye..lepas sogo tu, jam dia..sakit jantung!! yakin sgt makcik tu..dah tau semua jalan jam, x yah la nk pusing ikut jalan jauh..jam jugak jalan tu!!lain la kalau dia ada satelit dlm teksi tu tuk tgk real life picture of semua jalan kat kl ni! haih!! pastu bila dah berjaya masuk main road balik, dia g pusing ikut jalan jauh lagi skali..mmg la makcik ni mnguji kesabaran..kalau dr klcc, boleh g solaris dutamas from both side, from bulatan tu boleh, from istana baru nye side pon boleh. selalunye from bulatan tu x la jam teruk, tp sbb dia kata dia biasa bawak teksi kn, dia pon dgn yakinnye ikut the other way..sumpah time tu rasa cm marah ada construction jalan tuk g istana baru from side tu.,confirm la lagi jam! and lagi jauh!! haiyo makcik..

sampai solaris tgk meter je, macam2 rasa..ada rasa cm nk jerit, rasa cm nk nanges, nk jerit, semua ada sebb kesian tgk dia nk terkucil, diam jelah..rasa cm nk terputus urat2 jantung semua sbb marah sgt..nasib baik la allah bagi kesabaran x marah2 the way, tambang aritu -> RM55.00!! from klcc g dutamas. biasanya, kalau jam teruk sgt2 pon, naik blue cab max rm30.00..kalau everyday kn bayar rm50, times 20 hari..dah rm1000 sebulan gile ok!!